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Thank you for visiting the best resource site when it comes to Vacation Rental Homes. This organization was established to help Buyers, Owners, and Renters of vacation homes. 


We help you make a better decision when buying a Vacation Home, operating a Vacation Rental Home or choosing and gaining some reassurance about renting your Vacation Home.


"Vacation Rental Advisor" is a group of industry professional that wants to make sure you can have the best information and resources available to buy, operate and rent a Vacation Home. Our team of professionals has been working in the industry for over thirty years and wants to pass on their knowledge so you can make the best decision possible.


We want to give you an unbiased opinion and provide unbiased resources, as we are not connected to or are compensated by any Management Companies or Realtors. We are here to help you! Please explore your topics and we hope that this information is of great use to you. Se below for our founder's story.


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Couple Vacation Home Ownes
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                                                                                     Our Story


My colleagues and I have been in the hospitality industry for over 30 years with a passion for bringing a great experience to guests.

The stress of increasing the profits for the company at the cost of the employees and the clients kept getting bigger and bigger. New processes were introduced that I could not agree with as the client was getting less and less. I kept working hard trying to convince myself that I am doing this for my family, to provide for my kids - to get the paycheck. But deep down it did not sit well with me and my values. All through life I enjoyed helping people. Help them have a great hotel stay, have a great vacation, become a better employee or a better person.


So, one day I quit my job, well actually, I was asked to leave because I was the voice within the company that pushed the hardest against an initiative that I did not agree with and that did not sit well with my values.


The day that I was asked to resign was the day where I had the best night’s sleep in a long time. I was able to take a long break, I followed my passion and became a certified coach and followed my passion for helping people. I also opened a vacation rental business as I thought that was something I knew how to do, as I made big profits for the companies I worked for. I quickly found out that I now had to compete with all of the other vacation rental businesses, not the guests that are purchasing their vacation.

Well, the saved money was running out and I was facing not being able to provide for my family. I kept pushing to try to get a vacation rental business off the ground but could not get many clients because the homeowners went to other companies. I knew exactly why.


I was honest and couldn’t tell the wrong story to sign up new clients as I was competing with all the other management companies with their false claims and promises. Promises of high rental income, inflated occupancies and a high return on investment. Nothing was mentioned about the hidden deductions and everything that is omitted in their rental agreements. I saw myself going back to exactly the thing that I left – making a profit at the expense of the client.


"I don’t want to be in the rip-off business again", I said to myself. I want to help all the people that have a dream of owning a vacation rental home and not losing their shirt or being ripped off. I knew that it is possible to own a profitable vacation home if you make the right decisions.


I enjoy helping people and that was the reason why I studied how to be a leadership coach.


I now had my plan - Help all the future or present vacation home buyers to learn and free themselves from the greed of the management companies.

So, I took mine and my industry colleagues’ knowledge and created some unbiased resources to help every future and present vacation home owner make better decisions.


I know that I will make a few enemies along the way, as I will give my experiences on how management companies take more and more of the owner’s revenues. But again, I believe in my high values and my passion for helping people. Our organization wants to add value and help people buying a vacation home, help them make a good investment and help them have fun owning a vacation home.





All of our experiences are now written down on paper to help vacation homeowners become more successful. Use our knowledge to help you find the right vacation rental home and be aware of the mistakes you can make that can make owning a vacation home become a nightmare.


Start by downloading our FREE report “So you are Thinking about Buying a Vacation Rental Property.” to find out what to look out for when buying a vacation rental property. Questions that you can answer to lead you to the right home that will be profitable and enjoyable.


Most of our resources and reports can be applied universally. We do however also offer specialized services that are currently only applicable to our local service area.


Our office is located in Celebration Florida, right next to Walt Disney World and services the surrounding area. The area is filled with established communities but also new communities are always being developed that sell Real Estate and new Vacation Homes.


The surrounding cities that we service are Orlando in Orange County, Kissimmee, and St. Cloud in Osceola County and Davenport, Lakeland, Winter Haven in Polk County. 


There are always new developments and communities being built that offer new real estate sales and new vacation rental homes. The hottest are currently Champions Gate, Chrystal Ridge Resort, Encore Club at Reunion, The Grove Resort & Spa, Solterra Resort, Sonoma, Storey Lake, Windsor at Westside and many more.


But don't forget the established communities that already have a vacation guest following. These communities often sell Real Estate and Vacation Homes at great prices. Some great well-established communities are Emerald Island Resort, Lakeside, Paradise Palms, Terra Verde Resort, Windsor Hills and many more.



Vacation Rental Advisor

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