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For Owners:

We know that owning a vacation home can be very rewarding but can also be very difficult. That all depends on how you or your management company is managing your investment. It can very easy when you get simple and short monthly statements to very frustrating when you see your rental income become less and less by fees, maintenance charges or even distrust that you are not getting all of the revenue that your home produces.


Choosing your Management Company - The Revenue Split is not the "Tell All"!

Interviewing Your Management Company 

Choosing your Management Company could be one of the most important decisions you will make after buying your home. Take the time and interview several companies to find the best one.

Our list of over 80 interview questions will give a good insight into your future management company and will help you compare the multiple choices that are out there. A must have for the new vacation rental homeowner or even for the novice that is on his/her third or fourth engagement. Not all companies are created equal! Use our questions to compare your choices.



Auditing of your monthly statements - Free.


You are a current vacation rental homeowner but see your rental income dwindle down to nothing with numerous charges you see on your monthly statements. Are you sick and tired of all the charges that get deducted from your rental revenue? Let us audit up to the last two years of rental statements. We have seen it all and heard it all on how management companies stick bogus charges to their clients. We know what to look for to identify charges that are ‘fluff’ or fake charges or even repeated charges that you won’t see unless you know what to look for.


We understand that you do not have a lot of time to manage your Vacation Rental Home and closely watch the rental returns. That’s why you hired a management company. Vacation Rental Adviser understands the business and wants to help you maximize your returns. We would like to offer you our Accounting Audit for FREE.

This audit will go through your past rental statements and will audit them for any unusual charges, double charges or other unnecessary expenses. We only get paid when we recoup money for you. Any money we recoup for you, we retain 50% for our time to review your statements, connect with the management company to negotiate any refunds and to send you a check. If we don’t get you any money, there is no cost.
If we get you a refund, it’s extra money you didn’t have.

Let us be your ‘watchdog’.



Are you living far away and can’t visit your property often?

We can do a quick outside inspection or perform a detailed inside and outside walk through with pictures.

We can perform walk-throughs and show you the present state of your home.  Call it a ‘mystery guest’ that reports directly back to you, the owner.


Are you suspecting that your home is being rented without your knowledge? It’s not the first time that
your rental calendar shows empty, but you wondered if the management company is renting your home
without telling you? We can quickly confirm if someone is staying in your home.



Take a pick from our services and set your mind at ease:

- Quick Drive By and outside inspection. This will also show if anybody is staying in your home.

- Detailed inside and outside inspection  We will contact your management company, gain access to your home and compile a detailed report with pictures of your home.

- Full ‘Mystery Guest’ experience: We will act like a guest, book your home and give a detailed
report from the time we inquire about your home, make the reservation, check-in, spend the
night and check out. While we are in your home, we check out everything, from when your air
filter was changed last and look at every nook and cranny. We will also pose a few challenges for the management company to document their response time.

See what the guest is experiencing.



- Want to make sure you are getting the best rate? 

We can provide competitive research that compares your rate to that of your competition.



- Want some ideas on how to getter a better rate and occupancy for your home?

Let us take a look at your home and stack it up against the competition. Let us give you some suggestions on what you can do to increase your rental income. You can also use our services and get our feedback on the suggestions your management company is making to upgrade your home - $ depends on the scope of work, age, and size of the home.




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