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There, I said it: Vertical Blinds in Vacation Rentals - The stupidest Idea.

Have you ever seen a vacation rental that had perfectly looking and functioning vertical blinds, especially in front of the sliding patio door? Only on the first day they are installed.

When looking for door or window coverings, look for ease of operation. Keep in mind that people that book your vacation rental might not even be from this country and know how to operate your ‘curtains’. Vertical blinds look nice, but their design does not include functionality. Take vertical blinds in front of sliding patio doors for instance. Why would you walk to the opposite side of the doors opening to adjust the blinds and then retract them with the cords? Makes absolutely no sense. It’s no wonder that they constantly break as people just want to push them open. If they are not open, then they get caught between the door and the frame and get punctured. The pushing or pulling will also rip their top and then the slat needs to be replaced.

Save your money and recurring repair costs - Use nice curtains that either slide on a nice quality curtain rod or are installed on rolling gliders. Install a wand that helps push them open. Everybody will know how to work curtains and they can add some design or color to the room as well. Keep it simple and easy to operate. For a more rustic look, you could also install wooden panels that have vertical blinds. A more durable option.

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