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Tips for Furnishing your Vacation Home

So, you’re thinking of purchasing your first vacation rental or may have recently made this investment?

Tammy LaVarro of Dream Vacation Interiors is a great resource when it comes to furnishing vacation homes. Below are some tips - Enjoy!

Congratulations! Before you start the process of furnishing and decorating let’s talk about how this differs from furnishing your own home or even a second vacation home for your personal use.

There are many factors that go into furnishing your vacation rental that you would not need to think about in your personal space, but that are very important to take into consideration when planning your vacation rental decor. For example, your Sofa, Accent Chairs or Sectional in your main Gathering Space. It has been my experience that most vacation homes in Florida have pools and 9 times out of ten these pools are directly adjacent to your Gathering Space. You’ll want to make sure that you stay away from the obvious white as a choice for this area as Guests may not think twice about plopping down on your white sofa after coming in wet from the pool area. There are tons of performance fabrics out in the market now that boast the ability to come clean easily, so be sure not to skimp on this important purchase and ask your designer to guide you in making the best selections.

Safety is another huge factor to take into consideration when planning your vacation rental furnishings. Most vacation rentals have TV’s in every Bedroom and main Gathering Space. Invest the time and money to have your TV’s professionally mounted with the cords run neatly through the wall. This will enhance the appearance of your photos and will also ensure that small Guests are not tempted to pull a TV off a Dresser or Media Console. Another important safety factor is planning your space before you start purchasing. The biggest mistake I see is that clients purchase way too much furniture or not enough. It’s best to let a professional help you plan your space so you can ensure you leave plenty of room for guests to move between furnishings and to gain access to exit doors.

Our personal homes are usually a reflection of family photos, collections and basically things that we enjoy looking at daily and I always tell people decorate for what you want to come home to. This same rule of thumb does not apply to a vacation rental property. In your vacation rental you’ll want to make sure that any decoratives within reach are not breakable and save your family photos for your personal home. It’s okay to let your Designer know if you have any specific requests regarding colors and style but do make sure you work with a professional Designer experienced in the vacation home industry. A Designer in this industry can help you plan for furnishings and décor that will appeal to a wide audience while thinking through any safety concerns.

There are many other tips you can use to ensure your vacation rental photographs well and recognizes it’s maximum potential for bookings. If you need help planning your Vacation Rental Décor let Dream Vacation Interiors help you with this important investment.

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